When Church Met State

Posted on March 1, 2012


I’m lying on the floor with a back injury and Mrs. Greatsby was kind enough to bring me my laptop after I threatened to expose the shoddy cataloguing of her library’s Korean section. (When I read that to her she laughed and said, “That’s funny because it’s true.”)

I wish I had a great story to explain my injury but I can’t claim anything more exciting than tweaking some essential back parts required for upright mobility while painting sets for my theater company’s upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing.

Also I wrestled a paint thief to the ground.

But while I’m out of commission, be a pal and check out my most recent post over at Huffington:

When Church Met State: A New Romantic Comedy From Rick Santorum

Please leave comments at Huffington and click on all the buttons a hundred times. On my last HuffPo post I wrote that I’d reply to all comments–and then I didn’t–but I actually did and they didn’t show up because of a technical problem based on my China location. Everything should be sorted now.

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