Cop Steals Pudding; Taken into Custardy

Posted on February 24, 2012


Police in Houston arrested one of its own after a cop was repeatedly filmed stealing food and drinks from the break room refrigerator. Local media love a story about a crooked cop and they’ve probably jumped all over this story with the following sensational headlines:

Cop Steals Pudding; Taken into Custardy

Officer in Pickle After Stealing Pickles

Police Station Stakeout Nabs Cop Who Took Steak Out

Cop Bids Force Goodbye After Raid of Ham & Rye

Caught Bread-Handed!

Officer Given Sack Following Theft of Snack

Hold the Mustard, Hold the Mayo, Hold Your Hands Up Where I Can See ‘Em

Cop Read Rights in Between Bites

The Case of the Chicken Wing Sting

Cop Hears Whisper at Crisper: You Have the Right to Remain Silent