Inspirational Shovegiving: it’s push but nuthin’s given

Posted on February 19, 2012


While scouring Shanghai for ironic gifts for Mrs. Greatsby’s birthday, I was fortunate enough to come across some Chinglish poetry in a stationery store. Chinese notebooks often have an inspirational or poetic message in English on the cover, and they usually make no sense, causing me to wonder what artistic influence the reading of these nonsense sentiments may have on the writing of the notebook owner.

This inspirational message really spoke to me:

‘Reme’s history
BE WORKED learned a thing or about loveit’s push and shovegiving
and giving in, giving up give, it’s push but nuthin’s given.’

It kind of sounds like a Google translation of a rap lyric, doesn’t it? I don’t listen to any rappers except The Sugarhill Gang, but does anyone else know of a rap that includes the word ‘shovegiving’? I’d probably listen to more rap if they rapped less about busting caps and more about shovegiving.

I love animals and I’m pretty sure I agree with the sentiments below:

‘Animals are natural
resoruces, care for animals.
starting from the side!’

I’m not sure but I suspect this was taken from some animal care manual recommending that you never approach an animal from behind.

Although it could also mean animals are a natural resource of food and you should always attack from the side. I can’t be sure.


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