Girly of The Daily Hello Wins Caption Contest; Easily Impressed People Take to Streets in Celebration

Posted on April 17, 2011


Congratulations to this week’s caption contest winner Girly at thedailyhello.  If you love Girly’s captions, you may also love her 1986 disco hit Rollercoaster.  Rollercoaster is also a fitting title to describe the incredible range of emotions Girly will experience this week as she revels in the highs of her caption contest success before plummeting to a low when her week as victor ends.  She can also expect some nausea.

Gus realized he would need a lot more balloons if he hoped to rise to the level where “Brokeneck” Betty would notice him. (thedailyhello)

What did Girly win?  Girly will receive the following awards:

1. If she uses Coffee-mate while drinking coffee alone, a friend will magically appear to drink coffee with her.

2. The ability to see in 3-D without the aid of those red and blue glasses…wait, I guess that’s like normal vision.  Why do we need those glasses then?

3. The ability to ride in convertibles with the top down and emerge without windblown hair.

4. I will laugh at any jokes she makes to her new co-workers.  Even though I’m not physically present, the group will sense my laughter and feel compelled to join in.

Please submit your captions for the picture below:

Your caption could be a narration, a line of dialogue, a headline, a daily affirmation, a sitcom title, a personals ad, a movie blurb, or even a home remedy to restore thinning hair if you can make it applicable.

Please no references to Waiting for Godot unless you can find a magical way to make it not boring.

More than one submission will be allowed; more than five submissions will make you look so very sad.

All submissions must be received promptly by Tuesday or Wednesdayish.

This week’s winner will win receive a Johnson family recipe for success.  Note: Success is what we call pancakes at our house.
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