The Good Greatsby Caption Contest–Positive Feelings to be Awarded!

Posted on March 13, 2011


Submit your best caption for the picture below:

Give me your best caption.


Your caption could be a narration, a line of dialogue, a news headline, a movie title, or even a recipe for banana bread if you can make it applicable.

Please no incantations that could be deadly if read aloud.  Also, no limericks or references to Twilight.

More than one submission will be allowed; more than ten submissions will make you look sad.

Deadline is midnight Tuesday eastern time.  The funniest caption will be selected by a committee of me and my cat Megatron and posted on Wednesday.

Prizes will be awarded accordingly:

  1. One week winners will be awarded a ‘moderate’ lucky feeling.
  2. Two consecutive week winners will be awarded an ‘on-a-roll’ feeling that may be helpful in gambling and romantic approaches.
  3. Three consecutive wins will qualify you for a ‘can-do’ attitude, enabling you to quit your day job and focus on DJing full time.
  4. Four consecutive wins will get you a ‘top-of-the-world’ confidence that others will sense, enabling you to move socially upward and rise above your current roster of dead-end friends and family.

I will not list the five consecutive wins prize because the resulting award may be too dangerous in the wrong hands, and if anyone wins four weeks in a row, the contest may be discontinued before a potential humanity-ending fifth week is possible.

I really shouldn’t mention the prize, but I guess I can give one hint…


Maybe that was too much of a hint.

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