Pop Some Champagne for My New Domain

Posted on February 17, 2012


In celebration of my one year blogaversary, WordPress wanted to get me a little special something and offered to give me a free domain name if I gave them a little something special in the form of money to renew and update my WordPress features.

After searching GoDaddy.com for BradPitt.com, Brangelina.com, and CambodianBoyAngelinaAdopted.com (in case they force him to be famous like Will Smith’s kids), all were either unavailable or wanted more money than the free that WordPress was offering. GoDaddy.com suggested some variations of the name that might be acceptable alternatives:

BradSPitt.com has the most potential because it will attract two audiences; those seeking the possessive Brad’s Pitt; and those seeking Brad Spitt in case someone named Brad Spitt becomes famous. I guess it could also have value if the real Brad Pitt makes the news for spitting, possibly at this new Brad Spitt who’s been stealing his thunder.

Every few years I check to see if PaulJohnson.com is available. When I checked today, GoDaddy.com reported the domain was still taken and offered variations that might be an acceptable alternate to PaulJohnson.com.

How is PaulWeiners.com and Paul-Weiners.com in any way a variation of PaulJohnson.com? PaulieJohnson and PaulyJohnson could most certainly be considered a variation, but anything with Weiners in the title pushes the boundaries of the definition of variation. Why were Brad Pitt’s variations all so much cooler than my variations?

I tried another screen to contact the owner of PaulJohnson.com, and GoDaddy.com then suggested I might be interested in some premium alternatives:

Again, I hate to be critical, but with the exception of PaulJohnson.net, I think these variations missed the mark. How did they get PaulLavoie, PaulLavender (sounds like a Clue character who didn’t make it past the first draft), PaulTracey, JohnsonLee.com, JohnsonExcavation.com?

So what did I end up getting?


I know it’s a long shot, but if Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston ever get together, I’m going to be so, so rich.

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