Chinglish Stockings

Posted on December 11, 2011


If you’re a songwriter experiencing writer’s block in trying to compose the last verse of your new love song, might I suggest you steal some lyrical inspiration from the stockings’ advertisement below:

“Beauty bases on your legs. Silk socks play an important role in your legs beautifying plan. Stockings are popular once again, whether black or colorful, long and short, the individualized stockings endow you with feminine beauty, deduce the vogue and sexual charm.”

The product information on the back goes on to explain the four main advantages of these stockings:

Yes, the product copy is probably exaggerating when it boasts ownership of “variable vogue styles both in inner beauty and external beauty,” but you’ve got to reason that even partial ownership of inner and external beauty might just make these stockings the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.


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