Christmas Shopping Days are Numbered…and Named

Posted on December 1, 2011


Retailers know money is tight for shoppers this Christmas season and they hope some creative marketing will convince customers to spend money they don’t have.  You’ve heard of Black Friday, the first official shopping day of the holiday season.  You’ve heard of Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving when online retailers offer their best sales.  But now T-Mobile has announced Magenta Saturday, Mattel has announced Blue Friday and Pink Friday, and outdoor retailer Gander Mountain has announced Camo Thursdays.  More and more companies are getting into the act and trying to claim ownership of their own day in hopes of sticking in shoppers’ minds and becoming a permanent part of the holiday calendar.  Pretty soon every day of December will be claimed by a company,  industry, or product.  By next year I’m expecting:

Prescription Medication Monday

Get all your family's favorite cigarette brands at deep, deep discounts!

Tracksuit Tuesday

Weight Management Wednesday

Theater Prop Thursday

Filtered Cigarette Friday

Kardashian DVD Box Set Saturday

Wine and Spirits Sunday

Bamboo, Rattan, and Wicker Furniture Fortnight

This would also be a great opportunity for non-consumer products to claim ownership of a day in hopes of making their products a bit sexier and increase demand:

Non-ferrous Metal Monday

I sure wish I knew the best day to shop for non-ferrous metals.

Automobile Diagnostic Tool Tuesday

Water Chemical Treatment Wednesday

Outdated Textbook Thursday

Industrial Fuel Friday

Space Station Saturday

Sulfur and Phosphor Mineral Sunday

Consumers will be helpless to resist rushing out and buying any product that has its own day, and it might just work for out of style products that nobody ever thought could make a comeback:

Fax Machine Monday

Angry Mob Torch Tuesday

I'm investing in buggy whips. They've got to make a comeback eventually, right?

Buggy Whip Wednesday

Cassette Tape Thursday

Floppy Disk Friday

Stagecoach Saturday

Sun Dial Sunday

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