Laura Wins Caption Contest: Awarded Life of the Party Status for Coming Week

Posted on April 10, 2011


Congratulations to Laura at for winning this weeks caption contest!

Bill’s habit of squatting over open flames may explain why Andrew is an only child. (Laura)

Depending on how you look at it, all of you who submitted captions are winners.

Although this would be an incorrect way to look at it because Laura is the real winner.

What did Laura win?

  1. For one week Laura will be allowed to reserve tables using the name Laura Queen of the Captions.
  2. I will make a special effort to reply to Laura’s comments myself instead of outsourcing the task to my Comment Robot 5000 like I do with all other comments.
  3. I will visit Laura’s site every day this week and will make comments extolling her wit and creativity.
  4. If I see Laura in the cafeteria during lunch, we will sit together and I will laugh at all her jokes, ask to see pictures of her cats, and will help her spread gossip about all the people she dislikes.
  5. Laura will be allowed to eat whatever she wants for one week and won’t gain weight.  I will be the sole judge of this and will base my findings not so much on the assistance of scales, but more so on whether Laura’s typing seems fatter as the week progresses.

Please submit your caption for the following picture:

Your caption could be a narration, a line of dialogue, a headline, a daily affirmation, or even a recipe for success if you can make it applicable.

Please no poetry you wrote during your middle school dark period.

More than one submission will be allowed; more than five submissions will make you look so very sad.

All submissions must be received promptly by Tuesday or Wednesdayish.

Prizes will be worth your while, as long as you have a very low estimate of the worth of your while.
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