Select Your King Caption

Posted on April 6, 2011


Make sure and vote in this week’s caption contest.  The winner will receive the following prizes:

1. The honorary title King Caption.
2. Will be allowed to butt in buffet lines with no repercussions.
3. Will be allowed to eat whatever he or she wants for one week and won’t gain weight (I will be the sole judge of this).
4. Will be allowed to print the post naming you King Caption and if this paper is placed in your car window, you will not show up on police radar guns.

Thank you for your outstanding submissions. As always, I hate having to pick five and it’s possible I made a horrible, horrible mistake.  If you feel your submission was more deserving, rest assured that my mother would take your side because she has always doubted my judgment.  Please keep submitting your captions and hopefully one day my mother will break through to me and I’ll start making better decisions.

Please vote for the funniest caption of the five below. You can vote once every day.  The winner will be posted on Saturday.

A. Struggling with how to deal with grief over the loss of their beloved Lassie, the Martin’s make him the Guest of Honor at their cookout. “We’ll never have a dog so brave or so delicious ever again” said a satisfied Timmy. (Girly)

B. Kate Hudson, having exhausted the supply of celebrity boyfriends poaches in the local park thinking, “Yes, one for this afternoon and one for the future.” (Speeder)

C. Bill’s habit of squatting over open flames may explain why Andrew is an only child. (Laura)

D. “In her latest book, Ann Coulter seeks to dispell what she calls ‘myths about homelessness.’” (Thomas Stazyk)

E. “There you go boy, that’s some good manly open fire cooking. Fantastic! Hey sweetie, look how manly our boy is! See!?”

“Thanks Pop-pop! Say mom, what’s the touchdown score on the local sportball game? Right dad?”

Suddenly a near defeated grumble burst from Mr. Seacrest’s lips, “Blagh! I’ll man-camp the gay right out of this boy if it’s the last thing I do… If it’s the last thing I do.” (MarkH)

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