You will have fun on your vacation…or else!

Posted on March 5, 2011


I was struck by the serious, no-nonsense expressions on these representatives of a vacation home rental service, and the following thoughts came to mind:

Would you rent a home from this duo?

1. “We had so much fun working together as CIA interrogators, it seemed only natural to start a business together in the hospitality industry!”

2. Survey from a Satisfied Customer: “The customer service response time was incredible.  They were so quick to answer all my questions with ‘Shut-up!’, ‘We’ll do the talking!’, and ‘Who wants to know?'”

3. TV Network Executive: “I’m not sure about the casting for the new Cagney & Lacey re-make.  I know I said the blond should be prettier than the brunette, but maybe we’ve gone too far.”

4. Marketing campaign idea: “Want to take a vacation, but worried you’ll miss the disapproving look of your boss?”

5. Online Inquiry: “Is this the team that will be greeting as at the airport?  Is there anybody else?”

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