32″ Samsung HD TV, perfect for watching TV!

Posted on February 23, 2011


Here’s an ad I recently posted on Craigslist:

Samsung LA32C350D1 HD TV for sale!

Do you like watching television? Then why not watch television on your very own 32” Samsung HD TV?
Use this TV for watching movies starring Ben Affleck! Or Matt Damon! Or maybe a movie starring both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon! Or maybe watch a movie directed by Ben Affleck! Or written by Matt Damon! Or maybe written by both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon!
Please no Vin Diesel!

Use the Digital Noise Filter for filtering digital noise!
Use the Wide Colour Enhancer for enhancing colour in a wide fashion!
Use the remote for remotely changing channels!
Volume controls included! Is the movie too loud? Use the volume control to decrease the sound! Is the movie too quiet? Use the volume control to increase the sound!
Tired of hearing Vin Diesel’s monotone voice? Remote includes special mute feature for eliminating Vin Diesel’s emotionless voice!

Brand new! Received as a promotional gift from Best Buy when I bought another TV. Never been removed from the box!
(Tip: you must remove the TV from the box to achieve maximum viewing pleasure.)

Read the specs here:

Average retail price is 2700-2800RMB; check it out on Taobao:

Selling for 2200RMB; special discount of 100RMB if you promise to never watch a Vin Diesel movie on your new 32″ Samsung HD television!

Original ad:

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