This Guy’s in Love

Posted on February 26, 2012


I’m always looking for inspiration before I start writing and I find it extremely helpful to have a selection of verse printed right on the cover of all the notebooks I buy here in Shanghai. I carry the notebook below around with me throughout the day and read the message across the front cover every time I jot down an idea:

‘Back to the past present
When time for payment arrives,
if you exhibit a familiarity with
legal rates, you come to know
what contempt is;
if you find that you have left your’

You may have noticed a lot of my writing is heavily influenced by a familiarity with legal rates and a knowledge of what contempt is, and you can see how this notebook’s message has had an effect on me.

If you’re hoping to write a great romance, you’ll want to jot your ideas down in this notebook:

‘This Guy’s in Love
That is, when the language of love in the end.
Negative signals can be subtle, especially in the early stages of a
relationship. In the meantime, they say that falling in love is wonderful,
and that the best is falling in love with what you have.’

I haven’t started writing in this notebook yet but don’t be surprised if my writing takes on romantically subtle negative signals when I do.


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