Burglar Confused as Trebek Demands to be Robbed in the Form of a Question

Posted on July 28, 2011


Alex Trebek, host of US television’s game show Jeopardy, injured his Achilles tendon when he chased after a burglar in a San Francisco hotel.  He awoke to find a woman in his room who was going through his possessions and he chased after her, only to collapse in the hallway.   When I read the news, I often interpret stories through their potential for comedy, and  I’m relieved Trebek wasn’t seriously injured so it wouldn’t be tasteless for me to think of some headlines to describe the story.

Police Demand Answers; Alex Trebek Demands Questions

Alex Trebek Chases Burglar; Achilles Tendon in Jeopardy

Alex Trebek Identifies Burglar; Police Insist He Give Identity in the Form of a Question

Injured Game Show Hosts for $1,000

Answer: Alex Trebek; Question: Who Ruptured His Achilles Tendon While Chasing a Burglar?

Alex Trebek Burglar Apprehended; Her Freedom Now in Jeopardy

Burglar Confused as Trebek Demands to be Robbed in the Form of a Question

Trebek Yells ‘Stop Thief’; Thief Yells Back ‘What are Things Alex Trebek Yells at a Burglar?’

Trebek Wins Arrest of Thief After Wagering on Her Correct Description

Police to Trebek Burglary Suspect: You Have the Right to Remain Silent; Burglar Replies: What are My Miranda Rights?

Trebek Wagers He Can Outrun Burglar; He is Incorrect