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You’ve Been Tying Your Shoelaces Wrong

April 27, 2017


Breaking News: According to the International Institute for Studies, studies have shown more studies are needed. Study 1: Science on a shoestring budget This is embarrassing. I’ve been tying my shoelaces wrong for three decades. Scientists have solved the mystery of why our shoelaces untie when we walk. A team at UC Berkley spent two […]

The Canceling Plans Revolution

February 28, 2017


When I look back at my life I realize all my happiest moments involved plans falling through. When Mom flips through a photo album and talks about the big moments in life that brought her joy, a wedding, a family reunion, a child’s piano recital, I realize all of my happiest, most fulfilling moments have […]

Announcing the Apple iPhone 5

June 22, 2011


Great news for you Apple iPhone fans–Apple has announced the new iPhone 5 will be released this August or September.  Remember today as the day the sight of your iPhone 4 began to disgust you.  Apple addicts everywhere were ecstatic in anticipation of the opportunity to spend almost a thousand dollars to buy the exact […]

See you in hell, printer!

May 14, 2011


Yesterday I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and threw my printer out the window. All my life I’ve wanted to toss a printer out the window as a lesson and a warning to other printers: I will no longer put up with your blinking lights, paper jams, misaligned printing, and constant requests for new […]