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I Wonder If Any Celebrities Are Thinking About Me Right Now

May 20, 2013


The other day I was watching the special features on a DVD of the TV show How I Met Your Mother, and each member of the cast commented on how the other cast members had begun to feel like a family. And I wondered how this made those celebrities’ real families feel. And I wonder […]

Awareness Awareness Month is Just Around the Corner–Were You Aware?

October 12, 2012


If you follow America’s National Football League, you’ve probably noticed the players wearing hot pink accessories as the NFL participates in October’s campaign for breast cancer. Just to be clear, this is a campaign ‘against’ breast cancer, not ‘for’ breast cancer. And more specifically, it’s a campaign to raise ‘awareness’ of breast cancer for any […]

Three Cheers for Sports! Sports! Sports!

February 3, 2012


In the distant, post-apocalyptic future, when the children of our Kardash-a-tron humanoid replacements are assigned book reports on the ancient Americans and tasked with explaining our customs, rituals, and celebrations, the very first chapter will be titled: The Super Bowl. I love the Super Bowl and its ability to unite Americans behind a love of […]

Packers Sent Packing

January 17, 2012


I had intended to post yesterday, but after the Green Bay Packers painful playoff loss, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Not even the three compliments I received yesterday on my vacation tan managed to cheer me up. To be honest, that did cheer me up a little. I do look pretty tan. […]

Did I Mention I’m an NFL Team Owner?

December 13, 2011


Last week I fulfilled a lifelong dream I’ve had for about a year of becoming an owner of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. My oldest son and I have bonded over being Packers fans; as he grew older, a casual interest in the Packers grew more and more intense as we discussed stats while playing […]