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Mustache-less Candidates Race to Get Their Grow On

November 14, 2011


Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain following a series of sexual harassment accusations, Cain has now lost the coveted endorsement of the American Mustache Institute. Cain Keeps Stiff Upper Lip After Losing Endorsement of Hairy Upper Lip The American Mustache Institute had first planned to stand […]

Cain Herman Cain or Cain’t He?

October 18, 2011


For decades Republicans have been touting supply-side economics: If tax rates are cut, the wealthiest will spend more and create jobs with the promise that the wealth from the wealthiest classes would ‘trickle-down’ to the rest of the economy.  Unfortunately, this trickle-down never took place and instead there has been a massive trickle-up of wealth.  […]