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My 11-Year-Old Tries Very, Very Hard to Explain the Plot of Inside Out

January 12, 2016


When my kids were small my wife told me I shouldn’t tease them, and I told her that it was too late to re-negotiate the terms of our agreement to have children. Teasing and its potential for producing comedy material was one of the strongest ‘pros’ in the reproduction column. Unfortunately, as the kids have […]

First International Mustache Film Festival

February 8, 2012


The first mustache film festival is scheduled to premiere next month in Portland, Maine. The festival aims to celebrate short films featuring mustachioed main characters or mustache storylines. For all aspiring directors hoping to submit a mustache film for consideration, please consider one of the following as a potential name for your movie: Triminator Schindler’s […]

Battleship Down: Board Games the Movie!

December 12, 2011


The other day I watched a You Tube clip and the unskippable movie preview at the beginning caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. A naval fleet leaves port to begin war games and encounters an alien enemy hidden beneath the sea. Within seconds I knew the movie was going to be terrible, but […]

That Film is so Gay

August 2, 2011


Hollywood loves to re-make movies.  The first Spider-Man film premiered in 2002, and after three films they are already rebooting the series with an entirely new cast set to debut in 2012. The movie, A Star is Born, is now being re-made for the fourth time.  The first film came in 1937 and starred Janet […]