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Hey, Where’s that Fifty Bucks You Owe Me?

July 6, 2011


About once a month I set a date to go over my finances.  This usually involves analysis of four categories: 1. Bills to pay 2. Savings and investments 3. How the kids could make me money, possibly through street busking or pick-pocketry 4. How to trick or guilt people into giving me money The kids […]

Bet Your Bottom Sacajawea You Don’t Have a $1 Coin in Your Pocket

June 30, 2011


As a kid I enjoyed collecting coins until I learned I could lose those collected coins through a hole in my pocket.  I also learned I could lose an older brother’s coin collection through a hole in my pocket.  I also learned I could place the last remaining coin in my little brother’s pocket and […]

Flip a Coin–Preferably a $1 Coin

June 29, 2011


Over the years the US Federal Reserve has made numerous efforts to convince Americans to use a $1 coin instead of the $1 bill.  The latest effort–the presidential $1 coin series–has resulted in over $1 billion dollars of coins nobody wants as the law calls for their production and a new president to be honored […]

Economics Even A Six Year Old Can Understand–Part 2

March 19, 2011


My six year old son, The Fonz (so nicknamed because his middle name is Fonzarelli), recently started saying the word apparently.  He uses it correctly in speech, but I assume its use adds a flavor he didn’t intend. If I ask him if Ethan is his best friend he says, “Apparently he is.”  In his […]

Economics Even A Six Year Old Can Understand–Part 1

March 18, 2011


Every parent hopes children learn the following important lessons about money: How to live frugally. When it is okay to borrow money. How to save for a rainy day. How to be wealthy, but still win the respect of your servants in a way that ensures they’ll hide you when the local peasants form a […]