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Letting the Cast Out of the Bag

February 20, 2012


Over dinner, our family occasionally picks an idiomatic saying that we plan to start mispronouncing in hopes the altered version will catch on until it some day finds its way back to us. This past week, instead of saying, “let the cat out of the bag,” which means to disclose confidential information, all four of […]

Congratulations Caption Contest Winner! Enjoy Your Moderate Lucky Feeling!

March 16, 2011


Congratulations to MattJ who has been awarded a ‘moderate’ lucky feeling for the following caption: Thank you for your many excellent submissions.  Many of these made me laugh, and I had difficulty narrowing it down to a pool of three from which I let my cat Megatron choose her favorite. If you thought your submission […]

My Genius Cat Megatron

March 10, 2011


Eventually, every pet owner faces the ethical question: How much is my pet worth to me?  If the veterinarian says $75, I don’t hesitate to pay.  If she says $1,200 in order to prolong life for a year, I need to think about it.  If she suggests an extremely experimental human-to-cat kidney transplant–well, that’s going […]