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Fonz and Whatshername Sitting in a Tree: Part 3

February 14, 2012


This might surprise you, but I tend to joke around a lot with my kids. They rarely believe anything I say because I give parenting advice with the same straight face in which I give zombie-escape-route advice–all while wearing a smoking jacket and pretending to smoke a pipe. But I have given the kids a […]

Half-Hearted Valentine’s Day Cards

February 13, 2012


If I could go back in time 30 years and marry you all over again, I would in an instant… …but let me be clear I mean I’d marry the 25-year-old version of you, back when you could really rock a swimsuit. After 50 Valentine’s Days together, I realize more than ever that mere words […]

Friday Love Letters: Dear Turkish Girl I Saw on a Bus in Germany for Six Minutes and Fell in Love With

August 12, 2011


Dear Turkish Girl I Saw on a Bus in Germany for Six Minutes and Fell in Love With, How long has it been since that fall evening on the bus?  I think I was still a teenager, right?  I’m not sure why I’m asking you for confirmation of my age since we never actually talked and I […]