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Indifferent Tourism Campaigns

January 26, 2016


I’ve traveled all over the world and love everything about traveling except the travel. I’d love to have all those exotic places come to me without having to leave the house. I’ve been taking my shoes off at airports for years and years and I’m tired of re-tying shoelaces. I’d love to work as a […]

The Greatsbys’ Bali Finale

January 6, 2012


We’ve had a wonderful trip these last three weeks. I skiied in South Korea, and in Bali I hiked, surfed, and waterslid at Bali’s WaterBom waterpark on Christmas Day. We didn’t bring cell phones and were delighted to never know what time it was, which sounds nice in theory but may have accounted for why […]

The Untelevised Life

January 4, 2012


I’m sitting in a cafe in the tropical mountains of Ubud, a small arts village an hour’s drive from the main tourist beaches of Bali. As my family spent the last five days visiting local artiststudios and hiking the hills traversing the rice paddies and lush valleys, we’ve encountered so many friendly villagers who seem […]

Bali with the Greatsbys

December 28, 2011


“What is it about being on holiday that makes me always want to be on holiday?” –Mrs. Good Greatsby Every time we go on vacation I relearn the lesson that no matter how expensive the hotel, how beautiful the scenery, or how fascinating the culture, the best part of the kids’ vacation will be the […]