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An Interview with Optimist Prime–Part 2

June 8, 2012


Yesterday we attended Optimist Prime’s graduation from elementary school. He’s growing up so fast. It seems like only a year ago he was a year younger than he is now. And it seems like only yesterday when I made that same joke to him at his elementary school graduation. He’s only ten but he just […]

Let Me Be Your Motivational Antagonist

April 30, 2012


It’s kind of a big day around here. After three long years, and an immeasurable amount of hours not paying enough attention to me and not giving me enough compliments, my wife finished her masters thesis. We’ve been celebrating all day as though Mrs. Greatsby had accomplished something significant, although I feel I’m the one […]

If She Had Four Eyes, One Should Be On Me

March 26, 2012


Mrs. Greatsby is in the last lap of completing her master’s degree. After three years of hard work and not paying enough attention to me, she’s only a month a way from completing her thesis and fulfilling my dream of her paying more attention to me. I was pretty satisfied with the amount of attention […]