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This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

March 26, 2011


This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us The grizzled cowboy ambled out through the saloon doors, squinting against the high noon sun as he tipped his chin to acknowledge the square-jawed lawman framed in the center of the dusty street. They sized each other up as the cowboy strode to the center […]

Dr. Morality

March 12, 2011


I’m willing to listen to my doctor when he limits his advice to health issues. But I bristle when he begins giving me unsolicited counsel on morality! Who gave him the moral authority to call one cholesterol ‘good’ and another cholesterol ‘bad’? Isn’t that for God to decide?

Good News!

March 3, 2011


Whenever we attend a family get-together and somebody says they have good news to share, my wife and I shout out, “We’re getting a divorce!” The rest of the evening is spent trying to talk us out of it and always ends with us agreeing to maybe give it one more chance.  On the way […]

I’ll Have My Revenge

February 28, 2011


Someday I’ll have my revenge. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But maybe two days from now at 9:15. You may be wondering AM or PM? I’m not saying, so you’ll have to sweat it out. Although I’ll give you one hint: It will be after American Idol. After I watch American Idol and walk […]

Tough Childhood

February 22, 2011


I had a tough childhood, mostly because my dad wasn’t around much. Oftentimes we wouldn’t see him until five or six o’clock in the evenings. And all day on Saturdays. Also, all day Sundays. And he was a teacher at our school, so we ate lunch with him at school, and he had the summers […]