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Revenge of the Rubik’s Cube Nerds

May 26, 2016


Last weekend I accompanied my 12-year-old son as he competed in an all day Rubik’s Cube competition. It was exhausting. Not for him but for me. After just an hour my voice was already hoarse from shouting, ‘Nerd. Nerd. Nerd. You and you and you. Nerds.’ But the nerds were everywhere. My sons keep telling […]

Waste Your Time Reading About Time-Wasting Robots

April 26, 2011


Read aloud in an ominous voice: The time-wasting robot invasion is at hand. First we were told robots would be our servants and make modern living easier, allowing humans more free time for recreation and family. And how did we spend this free time?  I spent it watching TV and movies about people recreating and […]