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Let Me Join Your Conspiracy Theory

July 31, 2019


I loved James Bond as a kid. I can tell I’m getting older, maybe a little grumpier, because in recent movies, I still root for James Bond to win, but the super-villain is starting to make a lot of sense. James Bond villains don’t get enough respect. My background is in project management and I know it must take a lot of creativity, ambition and project management organizational skills to almost pull off a conspiracy in a world where everyone skims emails.

Friday Love Letters: Dear Jane Seymour

August 5, 2011


Dear Jane Seymour, I realize you’re a classy Englishwoman so I assume it will take more than dinner and a movie coupled with conversation about my fantasy football draft to win you over.  I’m not sure I’m genuinely classy, but I’ve taken pretending to be classy to a whole new level.  I own a smoking […]

WWJBD? (What would James Bond do?)

May 26, 2011


It has become common among some Christian groups to greet life’s decisions with the question, “What would Jesus do?”  This theological consideration is sometimes turned into the acronym “WWJD?” and printed on bumper stickers, t-shirts, bracelets, and a collection of other tacky clothing I’m pretty sure Jesus would never wear.  If Jesus wouldn’t wear that […]