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It’s All Chinese Whispers to Me

August 14, 2019


I’m Somewhere Where I Don’t Know Where I Am I’ve lived abroad for fifteen years of my adult life, spent years studying foreign languages–both German and Chinese, and made international friends from all over. The memories are starting to blur together. Do you remember the time We were eating Italian food After Chinese class With […]

Saturday Surprise

August 27, 2011


While here in Edinburgh, friends have asked if I miss my kids, and I answer, “Who?  Oh, right, I have kids.”  Actually I do sometimes miss them, like last week when I dropped a coin into a sewer drain and could have utilized their tiny hands and arms to retrieve it, but mostly I miss the funny things they […]

Saturday Potluck

August 20, 2011


How much does my wife miss me while I’m away in Edinburgh?  This week we were talking on the phone and I asked, “Do you miss me?” and she didn’t answer because she had fallen asleep–a response I could only interpret as measuring very low on the missing scale.  The only time I can call […]

Notes from Edinburgh

August 9, 2011


My English friends keep pointing out British celebrities here at the Edinburgh Fringe that I didn’t know were celebrities: “Hey, look behind you.  That’s Ruby Wax!”  “Who’s Ruby Wax?”  “Are you serious?  She’s been on the telly for years.”  “Sorry, but I’m not familiar with British television celebrities.”  “But she’s an American!”  “But she’s only on TV […]

Saturday Rambler

August 6, 2011


I visited Edinburgh ten years ago, but I don’t remember seeing so many redheads.  I saw more redheads in my first twenty-four hours here than I had seen in the previous ten years combined.  Although to be honest, I’ve lived in China for seven of those years and the variety of hair colors is pretty slim.  When […]