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My Model Children

April 23, 2012


On Friday I asked if any readers had theories on the origins of this photo since I admitted I only recognized my son The Fonz, had never met the other three people in my life, and had no idea where the picture was taken. Did I forget to mention my children are models? I probably […]

Scenes from the Shanghai Painters’ Market

February 27, 2012


Last week I visited the Shanghai Painters’ Market, a location I used to frequent every few months during my first few years in China, but I had to scale back after every inch of our walls had been covered with paintings. We should have moved to a larger home with more wall space for more […]

The Good Greatsby’s One Year Blogaversary Spectacular

February 22, 2012


If you liked The Good Greatsby this past year, you should know I was barely even trying. If you didn’t like The Good Greatsby this past year, you should know I was barely even trying. If you’re not a good judge of quality and can’t tell whether The Good Greatsby is good or bad, but […]

If Nobody is Going to Throw Me a Party, I Guess I’ll Have to Throw One

February 16, 2012


My wife and I always bring each other breakfast in bed on our respective birthdays. Her birthday is tomorrow, but I brought her breakfast in bed a week ago to make her think I’d gotten the date wrong. It was probably the first time in a year that I’d successfully played any joke on her […]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Asian Beholder

December 21, 2011


When checking out of our hotel in Seoul, the manager bade my wife a farewell that guaranteed his hotel would top her list if we ever returned, “All the staff thinks you are so beautiful. Your husband is so tall and handsome. Together you make beautiful children. The most handsome family. And I am in […]